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Remote Sponsorship Proposal 2024

+5k global attendees

hands-on engineers, tech leads and engineering managers

+2k engaged participants

attending discussions rooms, workshops and engaging with partners

+58k subscribers

receiving Vue.js LIVE newsletters with sponsors inclusion

Audience demographics

Our events attract a wide range of people who share a passion for building better software




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Senior Engineer
Technical Lead
Business Executive

What you get as a sponsor

Brand Identity & Awareness

  • Introduce your product or services to a new audience who never heard about your company.
  • We promote our events in social media, sending newsletters and press releases you can get in before, during and after the conference.
  • Promo ads, logos placed on a website and rollups onsite are just some of the options you can use to improve your brand recognition.

Targeted Lead Generation

  • GitNation events accumulate a significant amount of highly targeted leads for your business and allow you to build deep, valuable connections with attendees.
  • You can learn more about your audience, demonstrate your product or service, set a personal contact and build an emotional connection.
  • Some packages also include an opt-in list which you can use for a direct personalized email campaign.

Employer Branding & Talent Attraction

  • Gain access to a global pool of candidates from 120 countries.
  • Improve company image and brand exposure globally across 95+ targeted developer groups and communities
  • Simplify hiring process through building credibility within the Open Source community.

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