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Daniel Roe

Nailing it with Nuxt 3 - Inside and Out

In this workshop by a core team member of Nuxt, you'll learn everything you need to become a Nuxt expert.

We'll cover the choices you would make in architecting a new app, working with business constraints and justifying your choices to a bigger audience. We'll cover all the different features of Nuxt - from its integrations with Vue, Nitro, TypeScript, Vite and more, through to deployment as part of a full-stack application.

To ensure you gain real proficiency with Nuxt, we'll build an app and a Nuxt module across the course of the day. The app will give an opportunity to become familiar with the many features Nuxt offers, and we'll really deploy it live to one of several serverless platforms - your choice! As we craft the module, we'll zoom into the internals of Nuxt and explore how to customize it for exactly your needs and use cases - even if Nuxt doesn't support them out-of-the-box.

Come prepared to have fun and dive deep quickly. Whether you have prior experience with Nuxt or are starting from scratch, you'll learn tips, tricks and more to level-up your development!

Workshop schedule & location

May 11, 09.00-18.00 BST, location: London, TBA

Jessica Sachs

Stress-free Testing

In the Stress-free Testing workshop, you'll learn how to test both simple and complex components. TypeScript help is available.

Hands-on Activities:

  • Use TDD to build new components (Modals, Accordions, and Lists)
  • Test components that use transitions, scoped slots, and async network requests
  • Test basic components that use slots, props, and events
  • Learn patterns for working with Vuex, Pinia, Vue Router, and VueI18n
  • Leverage spies, mocks, and stubs to make assertions about your components behavior
  • Setup Code Coverage and Accessibility Tests

Testing Fundamentals:

  • The Anatomy of a Test Runner - Terms and Definitions.
  • The Testing Pyramid - Understanding End-to-end Testing, component testing, and unit testing.
  • The Critical Path - Thinking like a user about tests and code quality.
  • The Best Practices - Testing best practices and how to avoid common mistakes.

At the end of this workshop, you should have the functional knowledge on how to tackle and test complex Vue components as well as understand how to craft a reliable component test and determine what's worth testing.

Workshop schedule & location

Date: May 17-18, 16:00 CET, Remote via ZOOM

Alexander Lichter

From Vue 2 to Vue 3

More than 2 years have passed since Vue 3 was released. In the meantime, the ecosystem evolved further and best practices emerged. But still, many existing applications have not migrated to Vue 3 yet!

In this workshop, we will take a look what new features Vue 3 brought to improve existing applications. Besides learning how to use the Composition API works in Vue 2 and which the benefits it will bring for your projects, you also migrate an example application step-by-step to Vue 3.

Workshop schedule & location

May 24-25, 16:00 CET, Remote via ZOOM


Daniel Roe
Nuxt Labs, UK

Daniel is on the Framework team at Nuxt - previously CTO of a tech startup. In his open-source work has a particular focus on serverless functions, TypeScript, and the Composition API. He's based in the North East of England where he lives with his family, three cats, and a dog.

Jessica Sachs

Jess is a Staff Engineer at PathAI where she’s building out their Component Library: Anodyne. She’s been coding for more than 11 years and has worked professionally within the Open Source community, recently leaving Cypress after building and shipping Cypress Component Testing. She is a Core Team Member of both Cypress and Faker and a contributor to Vue and Vitest. She’s also an educator at Vue Mastery.

Alexander Lichter
Developmint, Germany

Alex is a web development consultant in his twenties. When not working on open-source projects like Nuxt, he gives talks at conferences, writes blog posts or consults other companies on web development with a focus on Vue and Nuxt.

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