Alex Kyriakidis, Daniel Kelly

Vue.js Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental concepts needed to get up and running with building exceptional Vue.js applications.

One of the biggest challenges in learning Vue.js is figuring out where to start and writing real-world Vue code in order to get a deep understanding.

In the Vue.js Fundamentals workshop, you will learn all the essential features of Vue.js and get a solid foundation of Vue skills by the end of the day. We will start from the very basics and teach you all there is to know about Vue.js.

Throughout the workshop you will practice what you learn by working on a lot of hands-on assignments with live help from the trainers. When you are finished, you will be ready to develop Vue.js applications and increase the performance and developer experience in your existing projects.

Table of contents
  • - The Vue instance
  • - Introduction to two-way data binding
  • - Interactivity with computed properties and methods
  • - Vue template syntax
  • - Directives and conditional rendering
  • - Event Handling
  • - Creating reusable Vue Components
  • - Using the Vue DevTools plugin
  • - Briefing into the Vue.js ecosystem: Single File Components, Vue Router, vue-cli

Basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript.

Workshop level

This workshop is ideal for web developers of any level that are looking to learn Vue.js from scratch or are already using Vue and want to get a deeper understanding and start implementing the best practices.

Workshop schedule & location

Date & time: TBD. Remote.


We guarantee
  • Modern training course from the first class industry experts
  • Small sized groups for maximum individual reach
  • A focus on practical exercises, so you'll learn by doing
  • Our friendly team on hand to answer your questions
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